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A World Of Adventure, Beauty, And Extaordinary Aquatic Encounters.
Plus Sharks, Lots Of Sharks.

Experience the adrenaline rush and scuba dive with us for an adventure up close and personal with Earth’s most astonishing creatures. We have the best aquatic life services that let you experience different types of underwater activities.

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Extraordinary Encounters
In The Ocean Universe

My team and I have spent decades visiting, exploring, and documenting the underwater world. We’ve discovered and recorded gorgeous deep-sea locations, from crystal blue waters to deep chasms. Let us share them with you.

Our locations are some of the most well-known diving spots in the world. I monitor our guests’ comfort levels at all times. Having safe and intimate Adventure vacations and contact with the abundant underwater life is all that matters to divers. We cater the best Aquatic Life services.

A Whole New World
To Experience

You feel like you’re on a different planet. There is no doubt
that many divers will agree. Oceans have their atmosphere, gravity system, and unique life forms. I will take you on an underwater tour where you will see the 20 + natural life of sharks, colorful schools of fish, Tiger sharks, whale sharks, and exotic plants. In each dive, you will get a chance to capture your adventure in photos and videos. Our goal is to provide all our guests with a five-star scuba diving service.

Under Supervision of a Professional Diver

Unique Diving Experience

100% Safe and Secure

Our Services Are Insured





Our Most Popular Spots

Are you Interested in seeing what our diving tours have to offer?

Our professional photos and videography have been featured in print and broadcast media worldwide.

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Tiger Beach
Why Choose Us?

A professional Diver certified by PADI® (Professional Association of Diving
Instructors) guarantees an unforgettable experience full of magnificence

and ocean wisdom, with a solid commitment to safety.


Explore species on the ocean floor. An ocean adventure for everyone.


Extravagant and uniques spots for divers to explore and witness natural beauty unlike anywhere else.


Under the supervision of the best divers to guide you and make your underwater moments memorable.

Contact Us to Book Your Adventure
What Our Clients Have To Say!

The more, the merrier! 

I had three visits with the Narcosis team, who were cooperative and professional. I had not imagined my every visit to be this unique and exciting, and I can't wait to come back again!  Thank you, Narcosis Team!

Anne Claire


Underwater Gallery
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