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My Story
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My dad taught me everything about scuba diving. He was a PADI course director. At six years old, I became the youngest certified diver in the history.

My main focus is underwater photography and adventure tours, but I maintain a teaching career. I love teaching children and special needs individuals at my school. I call it water survival training, where my team and I create aquatic problem solvers.

Let me take you on a remarkable adventure to a unique world where you’ll witness beauty and peril. We go to the edge, swimming and interacting with sharks and various sea life. So, naturally, safety is my biggest priority. 

Divers who use the best gear demonstrate their commitment to the sport and are motivated to dive regularly. Scubapro is the only brand I sell in my Scuba Shop. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, Scubapro outperforms and outlasts the competition. The Recreational Scuba Gear they offer ranges from regulators to metering devices, masks to fins, and buoyancy compensators to dry suits, and they are well-designed and easy to use.

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